Help on Getting Started, Making It and Having a Life

Mike Martel helps people with getting started, making it, and having a life.


Mike spent the first part of his life as a Special Forces Green Beret. He traveled around the world, did a lot of great and exciting things.

He took the get it done mentality with him when he left the military and joined the business world. He’s managed large teams and projects upwards of $70 million dollars. In that time, he couldn’t help but notice how the lessons from his Special Forces training could be applied to make individuals and business teams even more productive. “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome” speaks to the need for creative, outside the box, solutions to common everyday and business problems.

He has started his own businesses, created successful social media campaigns involving pages of several hundred thousand fans. Mike focuses on helping individuals, veterans, entrepreneurs, and small businesses get results and improve productivity.

Visit his coaching site – Achieve The Green Beret Way